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You need a website, but it’s still hazy ? Let’s allow us to make it clear for you. All will depend on your activities and demands. Are you looking for a showcase website or a commercial website ? From that answer our web designer can establish what will be more accurate for you and help you to start a new page of your online adventure.

HTML is the mark-up language used to display web pages. Most websites on the internet use HTML with a variety of mark-up and scripting languages to create web pages.

From 250€


  • Little to no maintenance
    Once your website is live, you do not need to install any updates or back up regularly. If nothing is changed, you can just back up your website once and forget about it.


  • No updates
    Unless you know HTML/CSS, static html websites can be very difficult to update even for smaller tasks, like adding new pages, updating old content, or uploading videos or images.
    No additional features
    If your business grows and you want to add a feature to your website like a store, a survey or a poll, a gallery, etc. All of this would require you to hire a developer.



WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). Content Management Systems allow you to manage your website from a user friendly interface. You can make all the changes on your website from an admin area which is quite easy to understand, even for absolute beginners.

From 600€


  • Easy to Update
    You can simply login to your WordPress site and add new pages without paying your developer. WordPress is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface, which makes it easy for you to create or update pages on your site.
    Full control and Ownership
    You get full control of your website, its domain name, and all its contents. You can make any changes you want, and there is no limit on how much your site can grow in popularity, traffic, sales, and users.


  • Learning Curve
    While WordPress is easy to use, it takes a while for most beginners to get familiar with the software. There is plenty of help available to get over this learning curve quickly, but it will take a little effort.
    You will be responsible for keeping WordPress, installed plugins, and themes up to date. You can also use managed WordPress hosting who can do this for you.

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