Putting French To English Translation To Work On Your Financial Website

Did you know that 87% of people whose first language isn’t English are unlikely to buy financial services or products from a website whose language choice is limited to English? If these statistics are repeated for other languages such as French, then this is the key reason to consider French to English translation, or between other languages, for your financial website.

More concerning in terms of the reach of your website, is that the statistics cover a wide range of people from those with little or no English, to those are fluent in it as a second language. Regardless, of level of proficiency, they still trust a site in their mother tongue over and above any other. Again, if this is widened to other languages, then your site is missing out on numerous new visitors and customers if it is only written in one language, and hasn’t taken advantage of translator French English skills. The key to all of this is the word trust. Web users take this approach, because they need to be able to trust the site with their details, and their financial security. People understand the complexities of their own languages more fully than they do their second language, and this is essential when choosing financial services. The answer of course is language, including English to French translation services. Using a professional language translator means that the complexities of the language and the specific financial terms are correctly used within your financial website. As well as the words and sentences themselves a good translator will be able to ensure that any cultural references are appropriate, and that none of the content can be read as culturally insensitive or unacceptable.

So, if you have a French language website, and you are looking at moving into English speaking markets, then a French to English translation service is essential. It is important to remember that it is not just the customer content that needs translating. Your contact information, menus and links all need to be in the target language. So, for example, if you have a link to a loan application form. The content containing the link, and the form would need to be undergo French to English online translation, so too would any guidance or notes attached to the form. Furthermore, your other associated points of contact with your customers need to be translated. This includes your news sites, advertising, social media platforms and of course anything related to any affiliates, partners or recommended companies. After all, there is little point in you signposting customers to an affiliate, only for the customer’s journey to fall short of completion because that site is not in the target language. When choosing the French to English online translator to complete the work, don’t forget to take security into consideration. If any financial documentation is on your site it needs to be protected always, including while it is with your translator.

Changes in the financial markets and the rise of new financial powers across the globe is being reflected online. Some of the most popular languages for financial websites are German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese, as well as French. If you don’t have the right translator working on your French to English translation or other language translation, then you are missing out on these new markets.

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